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89 951S GTP3 SU Tube frame Race Car


Very modified 1989 951S tube frame track car. No expense spared. Original build over $100k The car was basically rebuilt before being retired. Here is a link to some of the equipment installed on this car. I have 80 plus pics available. PCA and NASAA log books included. Open to offers 24' 2016 enclosed trailer with the full price $29,000 with the trailer $25,000 without


Chassis and body

The starting point of the chassis development was a 1989 Porsche 944 Turbo. The original roof, windshield surround, door surrounds, trunk surrounds, rear valance, and door sills/rocker panels were retained. Lexan windows and rear hatch were installed. The front fenders, nose and hood are fiberglass as well as the rear bumper and rear ground effects. The tube chassis and suspension mounts were constructed of 4130 alloy steel. The engine has been moved back 15" towards the center of the car. The chassis was built with a flat bottom from the nose to the rear and has a diffuser at the tail. The floor is reinforced honeycomb material. The front splitter is also constructed of honeycomb material. The rear wing was built according to IMSA specs. The battery has been relocated to the passenger's side compartment in the cockpit. Custom interior aluminum panels allow easy access to the rear suspension, transmission and fuel system. The car weighs approximately 2100lbs wet.




Suspension and Steering

Spherical bearings and AN aircraft fasteners were used throughout the suspension. The front suspension points were modified for wider track and geometry correction. The rear trailing arms inner and outer suspension points were modified and are adjustable. This allows the car to be lowered without affecting the rear camber settings. The front lower control arms are made by Fabcar. New steel front hubs were machined and installed with new wheel bearings in 2009. The front and rear sway bars, made by Kelly Moss, are blade style and cockpit adjustable. Front camber plates made by Kelly Moss were also installed. The front dampers are Koni double adjustable coil over front struts. The rear dampers are Penske double adjustable coil over shocks with external reservoirs. Eibach springs are used on all corners.


The car has a manual steering rack with custom rod ends and bump steer kit.




The brakes on all corners are "Big Red" Brembo calipers as on the Porsche 993TT models. The front calipers have modified pistons and use titanium shields for preventing brake fluid boiling. The front rotors are custom made with center hats and floating rings. The rear rotors are custom made with center hats and rings. Performance friction race pads. The brake hydraulics are made by Tilton with individual master cylinders for the front and rear brake circuits. Brake bias adjustable valve is installed in the cockpit. The front brakes have cooling ducts.



Engine and Fuel System

The engine is a 2.5L aluminum block with 8 valve aluminum head and was originally built by Eric Barrett. It has been improved with 7/16" ARP studs and silicone "O" rings to seal the coolant and oil passages. The block has been improved with pressed in iron cylinder liners. The bottom end has been improved by using a Moldex Billet crankshaft (installed in 2009) with forged connecting rods. The head has been improved by porting, flow matching and installing big valves along with a Dema Elgin camshaft. The turbocharger is a water cooled tangential type made by Turbonetics model T66 with ceramic bearing. Its charge is cooled by a 17 ½"x 16" triple size intercooler which is fully ducted.


The engine is control by a custom engine management system programmed by a PC


and software that comes with the car.


The headers and collector were fabricated from 321 stainless steel. The exhaust system is directed towards the rear of the passenger's side front fender.


The cooling system has a C&R custom radiator and oil heat exchange and it is fully ducted.


The oil system is a Peterson dry sump.


The fuels system consists of custom made fuel rail with pressure regulator and a custom fuel cell with 4 fuel pumps to ensure proper fuel supply.


The engine is producing 447 HP to the rear wheels




The clutch is a Quartermaster 7 ¼" triple disc. Tilton pedals and clutch master cylinder. The transaxle has been replaced in 1998 with a newly rebuilt 6 speed manual unit from Porsche 968 model. It is equipped with a Quaife Torsen type differential. It has a custom oil cooling system with external electrical oil pump and distributed oil squirters over the gear stacks.




The car is equipped with Kirkey Pro race seat, 6-point harnesses, quick-release steering wheel, fire suppression system and power cut off switches.



Electrical System and Dashboard

The alternator has been relocated to the rear and is driven by the transaxle output shaft


on the passenger's side. The dashboard is equipped with a Tach, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Water Temp and Boost gauges.




This car was constructed in 1996 from a 1989 951S/ 944 TurboS by ...........


The car went through some improvements in 1998 and it was retired shortly after.


It was mechanically rebuilt in 2009. The engine was rebuilt with a NEW MOLDEX BILLET crankshaft, new Dema Elgin cam, all new bearings, new valves, valve springs, and tappets. The Tilton master cylinders and the calipers rebuilt. New steel front hubs were machined and installed with new wheel bearings. The rear hubs were replaced with new wheel bearings. New fuel cells were installed. Drivers seat was replaced with a Kirkey Pro road race seat, all drivers restraints were replaced. A new fire system was installed. The front calipers were titanium shielded and pistons modified to prevent fluid boil. An internal venting system for the front discs was fabricated and installed. Custom duct work was fabricated and installed on the rear disc to ventilate the center of the disc. Front spindles, half shafts, and lower A arms were magnafluxed.

Here is a link to 80+ pics  https://photos.google.co m/share/AF1QipP7uRBq04wUOHCgYZ-QfNTKxHG8 0CRsFxF3Jr27DnaFGmfiHLsmxY6RY8Cx_Em8Iw?k ey=UnNZU0UxYkJnR0tPYUFvZ093M0V3WFJDTGx1T jNR

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